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How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business? A Simple Yet Useful Guide:



With 300 million users under its domain – more even than Twitter, this mobile application based on visual content – images and videos.

If you don’t have an account yet, create your Instagram profile right now. If you already have it, follow these tips to know how you should use Instagram to promote your business on the Internet.

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  1. Optimize your Instagram profile:

Your profile is essential so that your followers know who you are, what you do, and where they can find you. Information that will complete your brand imagery with your subsequent updates on Instagram.

The most recommended is that in the bio or description section you include a brief review of your mission, your slogan – if you have it – and a hashtag through which your followers can share content with your brand and find related content.

  1. Create a consistent brand image:

Instagram is a visual social network, so you must take care of every detail of your updates: color, typography, filters, composition, and hashtags.

  1. Set a clear goal:

Like any channel that you include within your digital marketing strategy, it must serve a clear purpose and align with your overall marketing objectives.

The most recommended thing is that Instagram meets and/or reinforces 1 or 2 objectives of your digital marketing plan. You can think of Instagram as a platform to drive traffic to your website or blog, grow your online community, improve your brand awareness, or advertise your products or services to increase conversions.

  1. Develop a content strategy:

Instagram is the perfect social network to develop visual storytelling. Tell your story – or that of your brand – by sharing inspirational photos or images of your products or services.

  1. Promote your Instagram profile:

Help yourself with other social networks to promote your Instagram profile.

You can also use your website, blog, or newsletter as support to direct traffic to your Instagram profile through share buttons and icons with links to your social profiles.

Take note on this guide by S4G2 Marketing Agency and promote your business on the internet.

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5 Fundamental Rules To Better Understand What SMO Is:



SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the use of a number of communities and outlets to generate publicity to increase product awareness.

To better understand what SMO Services are, the following are the fundamental rules:

  1. Increase the use of links:

In many cases, web pages are very static and not very dynamic. But, on the contrary, it is recommended to use links and that the pages have relevant pages that incorporate links pointing to them. For this, it is highly recommended to use a corporate blog through which the dynamization of content is encouraged as well as a link building strategy.

  1. Create content to share:

Another of the basic rules is the fact of involving users and making them participate in the dissemination of content. For this, it is essential to provide mechanisms so that users can share content. We can incorporate buttons on our website to share photos, promotions, functionalities so that they can share content with friends and family through e-mail, etc.

  1. Incentivize users:

Encourage and reward users who are more active, who have a greater connection with the brand, and who help us to spread our content or who generate links to our website, blog, or social profiles. For this, we can establish several mechanisms, either linked to contests in which we promote virality or in a more structured way if we have a loyalty club.

  1. Help content to be shared:

The best way to ensure that the content reaches several users and is popularized through the network is to help the user. And adapt the content to the most appropriate format, whether through presentations, videos, infographics, among others.

  1. Encourage and provide tools for mashup:

The idea behind this concept is to allow users to rework the content to encourage it to reach more users.

At S4G2 Marketing, we offer strategic content marketing to encourage buzz and drive leads and sales to your business.

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How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business? The Ultimate Marketing Guide:



Pinterest Tips

Pinterest is a social network specialized in visual content: photos, images, infographics, and videos. The publication of these graphic materials by brands pursues different objectives, among the main ones is to inspire users through visual ideas, motivate a lifestyle, and educate on a subject through tutorials.

Let us learn here how to use Pinterest to promote your business:

Create an attractive profile that attracts attention:

Once you understand the purpose of Pinterest, it is time to open an account on the platform, select the section “Do you have a company?” and create an attractive, creative and attention-grabbing profile.

Take care of the quality of your content:

Taking care of the quality of your content allows you to achieve a better position in the search engine and is much friendlier for users who visit your account and explore your publications.

Use keywords on your pins and boards:

Optimizing your Pinterest content with keywords is important because, as we have seen, unlike other social networks where posts only have one day of success, on Pinterest posts are visited repeatedly after being shared.

Post pins constantly:

To build your presence in any social network, it is essential that the audience can meet your publications at various times a day. Thus, if you want to add followers to your Pinterest profile for companies, you must make sure that you are always present in the newsfeed of the social network.

Integrate your account to the Pinterest community:

In addition to publishing content on your Pinterest business profile, it is important that in order to know how to use Pinterest correctly, you join the community.

Don’t lose sight of the numbers:

With the information that you can extract from the Pinterest analytics section as well as from Google Analytics and other measurement tools, you can prepare results report that allows you to see what works, what does not, and interpret the data.

If you will follow this guide by S4G2 Marketing Agency, you can grow your business easily. To Know More About Pinterst Follow Our Pinterest Profile For Tips – S4G2 Marketing Agency Pinterest 

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How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Products Or Services To Grow Sales?



Many companies avoid using Twitter to communicate with their customers, why? Simply because they do not know how to use this social network as a marketing strategy for their online store, since only 140 characters are not enough to achieve the objectives.

So, here we will guide you on how to use Twitter to promote your business:

Use Twitter to monitor your current and potential customers:

Use the keywords to be able to keep track of your customers and see which of these words are the most used by users. Why is this useful? It is clear that your product or service meets a consumer need. If you follow up where this need is cited, you may find an opportunity to show up and directly promote yourself with a follower on your Twitter profile.

When a follower of yours has mentioned your online store or uses one of your keywords, you should retweet immediately. Offer them a discount for mentioning you. Everyone likes to be given gifts or to be attentive to them, which is why this simple and grateful gesture leads to word of mouth, a very lucrative form of marketing.

Use Twitter hashtags:

A hashtag (#) is the sign that describes what you are going to write about. You can promote your products or services using this sign so more and more people will click on the links and also they will retweet.

You can also add promotions, coupons, or sales to attract more and more people.

Use Twitter to promote products or sales:

You can use Twitter to announce offers to a large audience instantly. Using Twitter, your online store can promote daily offers, exclusive to your Twitter followers. You can also do creative Twitter promotions like a 50% off coupon.

Thus, use these tips offered by S4G2 Marketing Agency to grow your business.

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