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How To Create A Website Step-by-step Guide For Beginners?



If you have decided to start your project and need to launch a website, you are in luck, because you do not need to be an expert to do it yourself, you do not even require a large sum of money.

Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners:

  1. Hire the hosting service: Hire the hosting service: The offer of these services is huge, therefore, you can find cheap solutions of good quality.
  2. Install the favorite platform: Ease of use for the novice user. Its name is WordPress and it is very likely that you have already heard it named.

You should not worry too much because it is a fairly standardized procedure and on this specific platform.

  1. Choose a theme or template: Install the favorite platform These elements are used to define the appearance of your site, both in colors and location of the elements, menus, headers, footer, effects, and everything related to the visual.
  2. Choose basic extensions: Install the favorite platform in addition to having a gallery of themes to choose the appearance of your site, you have thousands of plugins or extensions available.

5: Create the page structure: A site is usually divided into individual pages based on the content they need to display.

6: Take a tour of the site settings: There are many very specific parameters that you should review and change the default values ​​to fit perfectly, simply go through each section of settings to continue the process. If you don’t understand any configuration, just don’t change it, WordPress has included the best configuration by default and if you don’t need to change it, just don’t.

  1. Buy a domain name: It is best to buy this domain from the same hosting provider that you selected in step 1 of this simple recipe since it is better to have both services in the same orbit so that the configuration that connects both is practically automatic.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide provided by S4G2 Marketing Agency.

Web Design

Why A Web Design Company Makes A Big Difference!



What do you want from your website? Are you focusing on a site that looks modern? Or, do you wish to stick to the golden rules of web development? Or, do you want to secure top tank in Google? Regardless of the reasons, everyone wants a website to build their brand and make lots of money. When you want both these – you need to be careful with your website designer. A web design company can introduce many changes to your brand. It will help in establishing a strong online presence. But, the company you pick has to be able to build a “architecture” around your website. This is not easy, and it demands for lots of experience and passion.

The architecture

Technically, the architecture is crucial for changing the overall performance of your site.  It will increase your rate of conversion. This works in a very interesting manner. If your website is poorly designed, the chances of a customer leaving is high. Thus, by improving the design, you start to reduce this percentage. The thought process of any web developer is to keep viewers engaged, and interested in coming back. And, this is one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis.

The Technology

Websites have outgrown traditional technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Today, you have so many enticing tools and technologies to help you build a website worth million dollars. When you don’t utilize these tools, you will be a step behind in the race. This is why many companies choose to hire website developers from reputed companies. Those who stay in touch with the trend, will be able to offer better suggestions and come up with greater results!Above all, the time to put a good website on the road increases when you work with a web design company.


At least, this theory is extremely relevant in the online community!

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Why You Must Have A Website To Build A Successful Long-term Business?



Today, in the world of the internet, it is important to have a website to build long-term business success. Let us find out the reasons:

  1. Increase the reach of your business:

One of the indisputable advantages is that it increases the scope of your business, since not only will those who go directly to your branches or offices see you. But anyone with internet access will be able to see what you offer.

Do not forget that precisely because you will have a lot of scopes, you must take care of the image of your brand with good web design.

  1. Improve your brand image:

Something that has to do with the previous point is that if you have a good web design you will improve the image of your brand.

Nowadays, those who are not on the internet do not exist, and having your own website is a declaration that your business is professional and that you are up to date with new technologies and trends.

  1. Increase your sales:

Having a website is like having your business open 24/7, which means that your customers can review your catalog of services and products at any time.

In this way, you can generate leads and make sales outside of normal hours.

  1. Allows you to sell online:

Due to the previous point is that e-commerce sites are booming, since they offer the possibility of carrying out the entire sales process from the website.

  1. Improve customer service:

Having a website is like having your business open 24/7 because this also greatly improves the service you can give your client.

Through your website, you can offer them information and resources even before a problem appears.

You can implement a web page of frequently asked questions, online chat, a comment box where they can leave their suggestions, among others depending on the line of your business.

Thus, these are the benefits listed by S4G2 Marketing Agency.

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What do I ask my clients before I design their websites?



Communication between the client and the web designer is one of the keys to success in creating the web page that best suits the characteristics of the project.

Let us quickly check out what you should ask your client while designing their websites?

There are three basic answers that we must know in advance:

– What is the customer’s business?

– What characteristics does the client want her website to have?

– What is the best design for that business?

Once we know these three essential answers. we can continue with the questionnaire to learn a little more about the project and how to approach it successfully.

Can you please describe your business?

Take note of all the information, because this will be very important for the planning of the page and the site map. You need to know closely, what you do to your customer before you start working on your site. Descriptions, product sales, customer service, etc.

Who are your competitors?

It is essential to know who your competitor is and what they are offering. Monitor your activities to help the client responds to challenging marketing campaigns.

What are the special features you want your website to have?

The client needs e-commerce, shopping cart, Blogs, forms with e-mails, registration newsletter, forum, automatic responses, advertising sections, etc.

What is your approximate budget for this project?

This is a question that you should not repeat twice. Sometimes there are people who have no idea about the budget of the web project.

What is your deadline to finish the site?

Typically, customers expect to have their website finished by next week. However, this is a good time to explain that it all depends on the number of pages that the website will have, and the support that the client will give in approving final design.

If you will ask these questions which are prepared by S4G2 Marketing Agency, you can easily make a website for your client.

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