Why SEO is Considered as Better Than AdWords?

As most of the customers are trying to find a product or service via online, there has been a need for companies to adopt to digital marketing. Out of the digital marketing methods, Google Adwords is considered as one of the most used paid marketing platform and Search Engine Optimization is most used to get organic traffic to the websites. Now, here we can see why SEO is better than in terms of costs compared to Google Adwords.

Google Adwords cost:-

In Google Adwords, you will be paying for each time an user clicks on your ad and visits your site, in most of the cases the cost per click rates are huge apart from paying the agency which manages those ads. If we consider, yours Adwords budget is $10000 per month and the agency charges you $3000 per month for managing those ads, the total cost you are spending monthly is $13,000.

SEO costs:-

In Search Engine Optimization, you don’t need to pay for the traffic which you have received unlike PPC and you will be paying to agency who manages your website’s SEO. Let’s consider you are spending $5000 per month to the agency and if the agency is successfully able to get your site in to top 10 results in an year then the total cost for you is $50,000.

Whereas in PPC, you will be spending $1,56,000 yearly. So you can see the difference clearly that SEO is better in terms of cost if you are able to choose good SEO company who can deliver the results. While you keep on paying for each click of traffic you receive from Google Adwords and it is only best in cases where it is difficult to bring your website in to top results with the help of SEO.

Marketers also suggest SEO better in ROI

Even the famous marketers who do all kind of digital marketing activities also generally suggest that Search Engine Optimization is 3 to 4 times better in terms of return on Investment compared to Google Adwords. The cost saving for you while receiving the traffic organically is what makes SEO unique and better than Adwords as you don’t need to pay even once for continuous traffic you are going to receive from it. Many Historical data has also proven to say the same that SEO yields much better profits to companies compared to Adwords.

Better Conversion rate for SEO

Not only, you can save the costs with SEO compared to Google Adwords, you also will have a better conversion rate with the traffic you receive organically than compared to paid one. These days, People can easily recognise what looks like an ad and what not? and hence most of them trust the organic listings of Google and hence prefer to buy a product or service more when came via organic traffic compared to paid traffic.

Thus, Overall, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best methods of digital marketing where you can save the costs and have better conversion rates for your products or services if done correctly compared to Google Adwords.

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