Why is SEO a Must For Small Businesses

A small online business in Leeds cannot be successful unless you can acquire customers. You can earn money only when customers are on your website and wants to buy what you are selling. In order for that to happen, you need to incorporate small business SEO in Leedsand let it help your brand. Mentioned below are only a few factors that SEO can assist you with:

Online Directories

An online directory is a great way to enhance your web visibility. You can submit your agency to online business directories like Apple Maps Connect and Google My Business along with links that lead back to your website. By doing this, you are letting the directories display your business when there are customers in your locality conducting searches via the navigation apps.

Research Keywords


It is always recommended that you initiate your SEO process after researching keywords relevant to your service or products. For any small business SEO in Leeds to have a successful beginning, it is utterly necessary. The motive behind this step is to realise what potential customers type to find your services or products in the search engine. With this process one can find how the potential customers would search for the products/services that you are offering. You need to target the keywords based on the search volume results. Additionally, this research also helps determine how often a keyword has been searched and the contest for the keyword, providing you with an understanding of the amount of traffic you can bring in to your website.

Keyword Utilisation in Metadata & Content

Once the keywords have been selected, you should incorporate them in your website’s content, title, title tag and description tag.Content is the king as far as SEO is concerned hence it is very important to add the targeted keywords in the content so that when Google crawls your website it will give weightage to that page and the website.

Social Media

Whilst some people do not find it important, you need to be in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You cannot be certain which channels hold more relevance to your brand but you can be sure about the various benefits you can acquire by joining social media platforms. As such Social Media has its own important part in SEO. This also helps in branding your website. You get good backlinks to your website and you are also able to engage with your customers directly.

Develop Backlinks

These are links that a visitor or user can click on other websites and get linked back to your pages. You can use various methods to earn backlinks; contributing to forums, allowing guest blogging and making directory listings are some of them.

The biggest challenge you may face is getting your website displayed on the search results’ first page. If all these elements seem confusing, it is best to speak with an SEO expert for better guidance. The new form of marketing has levelled the ground for small businesses against the giants, and you should take advantage of it.

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