How Can Professional SEO Optimisation Services Help Grow Your Business?

Studies and surveys reveal that there are over 1.98 billion websites on the Internet and more than 80% of consumers prefer shopping or seeking information online. Needless to say, a strong online presence will only help to push your business in the right direction. It will help you connect and engage with a large audience that would not be possible, via traditional advertising methods.

However, even though companies are spending billions on SEO, most of that money is going to waste. SEO or search engine optimisation is an ever-changing process and unless you have a dedicated team, the knowledge and the resources, keeping up is a challenge.

Do not let your marketing budget go to waste. Learn how you can benefit from professional SEO services.

Professionals do the research on your behalf

Implementing SEO is not simple and it requires thorough research. Researching keywords is a part of SEO. It is crucial to know which keywords are ideal for your business. Even a competitive analysis is required to find out the keywords being used by the competitors. An understanding of how to use keywords is also important.

A professional SEO company will have the tools and experiences for conducting quality research. The specialists can determine which keywords are the best for building your brand.

They employ the appropriate tactics

As mentioned above, SEO is constantly changing. Without proper experience, it will take you years to learn its ins and outs. But, you cannot waste time if you want your business to be visible on the search engines.

By collaborating with an SEO firm, you will not have to waste precious time knowing which strategies will work best for your business. SEO professionals stay informed and updated about the latest changes. They will pass on their knowledge to help you scale your business.

A focused approach

A lot of business owners make the mistake of considering marketing as a secondary job. On the contrary, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. For building your brand, you need someone who will be able to focus on nothing else. By hiring SEO optimisation services in Leeds, you will gain a dedicated marketing staff. They will only have one goal – to market your business. This enables you, as well as, your staff to focus on other crucial aspects of your company.


Holistic SEO plan

SEO is made up of many different pieces. Most business owners do not have a well-design marketing strategy because there are just too many things to handle at once. A professional SEO specialist will create a bigger marketing picture for you. You can count on professionals to provide you a marketing schedule, ROI measures, appropriate deployment techniques and future plans. You will have a holistic plan in place with their help that include off-page and on-page elements. With a foolproof plan, you will be able to take your business ahead of your competitors.

As Google rolls out one algorithm change after another, it is becoming extremely difficult to acquire a top position in the search engine rankings. But, with professional help, you can meet your digital marketing needs and take your business a notch higher.

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Why Can’t You Get Enough Traffic on Your Website?

Traffic is one thing that a website intended for business must absolutely always be getting. If you don’t get sufficient traffic, then it automatically means your online business is suffering from a lack of clientage. However, traffic isn’t something that is too hard to get. You can always work your way to higher traffic. Hence increasing your sales and resulting in a thriving business.

Furthermore, you may also keep in mind that employing any strategy won’t give you results overnight. It can take days, weeks and even months. However, what’s important is that you make an initiative. Once you put some effort for the cause, the results will eventually show.

Here are some of the most popular ways to increase your web traffic by many folds if done right.

1. Work on Your Web Content

Content plays a huge role in determining how much traffic you get on your web site. As per the newest algorithms of Google, SEO plays a much smaller role in uplifting your traffic as compared to content.

If you post qualitative and useful content on your website, a user is more likely to spend a long time going through the content. This increases your relative ranking inevitably. However, this is a slow process and it can take a while before your qualitative content starts showing its results.

In the old days, one could just put some relevant keywords at an optimum density and give a few backlinks to their content. This was sufficient to give a decent amount of traffic, but this is no longer the case. Google has grown smarter and you need to combat that with quality content.

Moreover, quality content is one which shows both sides of a story in an unbiased manner, it is original and not re-written, and it updated.

2. Don’t Focus on High Competition Keywords

High competition keywords are those which have a lot of content on them already. The first page of a search engine can only show 10 results. With a lot of competition, there will only be the most trusted websites on the first page.

A way to combat this is to choose keywords that are less in competition. This has to be coupled with some sort of promotion as well. Once done rightly, your web traffic should significantly show an increase.

3. Keep Your Website Functioning Well

Nothing loses traffic faster than a slow website. If your website has been coded in an inefficient way or its just slow for some other reason, you aren’t doing it right.

Always make sure that your website is in good health and users get a pleasant browsing experience on it.

If a website isn’t loading within 4 to 5 seconds, users are most likely to leave. Therefore, you may have great content and strong backlinks, but slow loading will just boil it down to zero.

4. Hire the Right SEO Experts

Although SEO experts can easily be found because of the number of businesses who have websites now, do not buy everyone’s claims.

All SEO experts and SEO firms claim to get you on the first page of search results, but this isn’t always done in an organic manner. Consequently, your website gets more harm than good.

Therefore, always choose an SEO expert carefully.

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Why SEO is Considered as Better Than AdWords?

As most of the customers are trying to find a product or service via online, there has been a need for companies to adopt to digital marketing. Out of the digital marketing methods, Google Adwords is considered as one of the most used paid marketing platform and Search Engine Optimization is most used to get organic traffic to the websites. Now, here we can see why SEO is better than in terms of costs compared to Google Adwords.

Google Adwords cost:-

In Google Adwords, you will be paying for each time an user clicks on your ad and visits your site, in most of the cases the cost per click rates are huge apart from paying the agency which manages those ads. If we consider, yours Adwords budget is $10000 per month and the agency charges you $3000 per month for managing those ads, the total cost you are spending monthly is $13,000.

SEO costs:-

In Search Engine Optimization, you don’t need to pay for the traffic which you have received unlike PPC and you will be paying to agency who manages your website’s SEO. Let’s consider you are spending $5000 per month to the agency and if the agency is successfully able to get your site in to top 10 results in an year then the total cost for you is $50,000.

Whereas in PPC, you will be spending $1,56,000 yearly. So you can see the difference clearly that SEO is better in terms of cost if you are able to choose good SEO company who can deliver the results. While you keep on paying for each click of traffic you receive from Google Adwords and it is only best in cases where it is difficult to bring your website in to top results with the help of SEO.

Marketers also suggest SEO better in ROI

Even the famous marketers who do all kind of digital marketing activities also generally suggest that Search Engine Optimization is 3 to 4 times better in terms of return on Investment compared to Google Adwords. The cost saving for you while receiving the traffic organically is what makes SEO unique and better than Adwords as you don’t need to pay even once for continuous traffic you are going to receive from it. Many Historical data has also proven to say the same that SEO yields much better profits to companies compared to Adwords.

Better Conversion rate for SEO

Not only, you can save the costs with SEO compared to Google Adwords, you also will have a better conversion rate with the traffic you receive organically than compared to paid one. These days, People can easily recognise what looks like an ad and what not? and hence most of them trust the organic listings of Google and hence prefer to buy a product or service more when came via organic traffic compared to paid traffic.

Thus, Overall, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best methods of digital marketing where you can save the costs and have better conversion rates for your products or services if done correctly compared to Google Adwords.

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Four Major Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for the growth of your online business. It has the ability to take your business to the next level. It is considered as one of the best marketing strategies which can help you to increase the amount of visitors to a website. A business with a website and online presence is necessary for the growth and development of your business. Search Engine Optimization can also build brand awareness, so implement the best strategies to create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that can help you to rank higher in the search engines. There are several companies which offers a wide range of services such as keyword and keyphrase optimization, on page and off page SEO and many more. SEO company Leeds can help you to get the best services at an affordable price.

Here are some of the major benefits of search engine optimization:

User-friendly website: It will help you to create a faster, smoother, and user-friendlier website. Always remember that a well-structured, clean, and uncluttered websites attract more visitors. The content which is optimized used to improve the user experience.

Bring More Customers: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most efficient and affordable marketing strategy and optimized website tends to attract more customers. It is beneficial to bring the targeted traffic to your website. It is the best marketing tactics you’ll ever use to attract the customers.

Better Conversion Rates: SEO optimized websites loads faster and they are easy to read. It is important for you to understand that websites that are easy to read and navigate are most likely to grab the reader’s attention. They will help you to become your loyal customers, subscribers, and returning visitors. It exposes you to the entire market of individuals searching for you.

Built Brand Awareness: It is considered as an important strategy to build brand awareness. When your website appear on the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing than your customers will more likely to play a significant role in making or breaking your brand.

These are some of the benefits of search engine optimization. Always remember that the business which has optimized website will achieve higher ranking in the search engine result pages. You must invest in SEO marketing strategy so that you can create an effective strategy for your business. It builds a strong web presence and bypass your competitions to gain new customers for your business. Search Engine Optimization rankings has the ability that will help you to improve your website’s click-through-rate. It can make your website safe and secure and protect them from viruses and fraud. The benefits of SEO are endless and It it can generate traffic, leads, and sales for your website. If you do not want to grow your business with techniques like cold calling, networking, or other forms of “push” advertising, than you can invest in SEO campaign as it will be beneficial for your business. You can even hire Leeds SEO company as it is important for you to understand that higher Search Engine Optimization rankings will help you stand out from the millions of other websites.

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Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Get Desired Business

It is of no surprise that the demand for e-commerce is emerging in every nook and corner of the world, which is otherwise considered as the driving force in this digital age. However, the harsh reality is, every business owner needs to understand the ramifications of not holding a strong online presence in this technology-prone era.

So, if you are planning to make a digital presence, and want to shift from the offline business to the internet world, then you must consider the perks of hiring a website development company. Any web designing company in today’s date will provide you with an immense number of ways and ideas, which will certainly help you in coming out of the crowd easily.

There are certainly many things involved in the process of creating an eye-popping website for the customers, which can only be defined by a professional website development organization. Have a look at the below points how a reliable and efficient website development firm can help you in grabbing the attention of your potential clients towards the site.

The First Impression Is What Lasts Longer

When a customer visits your website for the second time, they would have surely made some opinions about your business, which can either be positive, or negative. And the customer’s option is what matters the most today. Based on their decisions, the productivity of your business will be measured.

Thus, it becomes very much necessary to hire a relevant website development company who will work professionally and help you in enhancing the brand value. Professional services will always give you high-quality work, which is enough to impress your potential buyers right at first sight.

Improved Sales Figures

While developing a website, what is the most important thing you always consider? Is it about the sales figures? Every business head only desires two things in this competitive world-Good traffic rate in the site, and better sales generation. And both of these things highly depend on the appearance and search engine friendliness of your website.

To enhance your sales rate, you can opt for the best web development company which offers extremely satisfactory services today at budget-friendly pricing structure. They can also help you in enhancing your brand image, which will automatically boost up your sales and revenues.

Increase Reach and Visibility

Traditional ways of advertising can only help you in promoting your business in the local markets, or hardly across a particular nation. But, having an eye-catching website will help you to reach to every corner of the world, and to build a strong connection with the customers globally.

Well, to do all these things positively, professional help is a must. Selecting a relevant website development organization always help the business owners in promoting their brands, both at national and international level, which further enhances the reach and visibility of the site to a great extent.

Mobile-Friendly Options

In the world of internet, the numbers of mobile users are increasing rapidly, and this is the reason why your business needs a mobile-friendly platform. To optimize your website in a better manner, and make it accessible on the Smartphone, you can consider a website development company today. Experts will help you in saving your precious time and will improve the look and functionalities of your website perfectly. They will always make sure that you get everything you desired

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Why is SEO a Must For Small Businesses

A small online business in Leeds cannot be successful unless you can acquire customers. You can earn money only when customers are on your website and wants to buy what you are selling. In order for that to happen, you need to incorporate small business SEO in Leedsand let it help your brand. Mentioned below are only a few factors that SEO can assist you with:

Online Directories

An online directory is a great way to enhance your web visibility. You can submit your agency to online business directories like Apple Maps Connect and Google My Business along with links that lead back to your website. By doing this, you are letting the directories display your business when there are customers in your locality conducting searches via the navigation apps.

Research Keywords


It is always recommended that you initiate your SEO process after researching keywords relevant to your service or products. For any small business SEO in Leeds to have a successful beginning, it is utterly necessary. The motive behind this step is to realise what potential customers type to find your services or products in the search engine. With this process one can find how the potential customers would search for the products/services that you are offering. You need to target the keywords based on the search volume results. Additionally, this research also helps determine how often a keyword has been searched and the contest for the keyword, providing you with an understanding of the amount of traffic you can bring in to your website.

Keyword Utilisation in Metadata & Content

Once the keywords have been selected, you should incorporate them in your website’s content, title, title tag and description tag.Content is the king as far as SEO is concerned hence it is very important to add the targeted keywords in the content so that when Google crawls your website it will give weightage to that page and the website.

Social Media

Whilst some people do not find it important, you need to be in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You cannot be certain which channels hold more relevance to your brand but you can be sure about the various benefits you can acquire by joining social media platforms. As such Social Media has its own important part in SEO. This also helps in branding your website. You get good backlinks to your website and you are also able to engage with your customers directly.

Develop Backlinks

These are links that a visitor or user can click on other websites and get linked back to your pages. You can use various methods to earn backlinks; contributing to forums, allowing guest blogging and making directory listings are some of them.

The biggest challenge you may face is getting your website displayed on the search results’ first page. If all these elements seem confusing, it is best to speak with an SEO expert for better guidance. The new form of marketing has levelled the ground for small businesses against the giants, and you should take advantage of it.

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5 SEO Tips Overlooked By Bloggers

You blog because you want to share your knowledge; you also blog because you want to drive traffic to your website and rank highly in the search results.

You already know about the basic SEO stuff to do with on-page factors and link building, but there are myriad other factors that get overlooked.

Granted, you’ll never smash them all, but it’s worth spending some time on the easy ones to make sure your blogs have a more significant impact.

Here are five simple but effective tactics you should be using.

Stunning headlines

How do great headlines help your rankings?

Well, more click-throughs in the search results boost your rankings because the algorithm will attach more value to your blog.

So if you rank relatively low, but get a lot of clicks, your ranking will rise. However, if you rank highly and you don’t get click-throughs, your blog will be deemed irrelevant to that search term, and your rankings will fall.

Therefore, eye-catching headlines improve your rankings.

Use images to boost your rankings

Using images to link to your blog will increase your rankings and provide some diversity to your backlinks.

The Alt tag tells the search engines about the content of your image. When using an image to link to your blog post, the Alt tag serves as a keyword.

The best way to get these link-based backlinks is to create an infographic for others to use – ask for an image backlink to your original post.

Do-follow vs. no follow

You aim to get do-follow links because they show your blog is of high quality and a trusted source of information.

The problem is a lot of profile sites, and blogs only provide no follow links. An excessive amount of these will make your blog appear untrusted – not good.

Buying in links (please say you don’t do that) is the quickest way to ruin your rankings. Instead, concentrate on guest blogging for high-quality blogs.

Linking to trusted blogs

Outbound links are just as relevant as inbound ones.

As a trusted and high-quality blog, you’ll be expected to link to other high-quality blogs if you want to raise the value of your blog in the eyes of the search engines.

Short or long blogs?

OK, yes you could probably write a useful and informative high-quality blog post that’s short, but the search engines love long content.

But not only should your content be lengthy (but still high quality, relevant and informative), you also need to work on getting comments. This will help boost the length of the unique content of each post.

Although none of these ideas are revolutionary, they often overlooked. Simple and easy to carry out, these tips will help you get more out of your blogging.

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How Your Business Gets A Paradigm Shift With Digital Marketing – Tips By SEO Analyst

If we retrospect the last decade or more, one trend emerges clearly. The consumer behaviour has switched from analogue to digital. People today consumer information and data through online modes and to keep up businesses need to target the niche. It is what gave birth to digital marketing. It is the sole valid way of reaching the target audience.

This posits the questions why and how online reputation management services, SEO, SEM, etc. are becoming fundamental. As stated by an analyst, there six insights that define the value of digital policies.

Economically Effective

When compared to traditional promotional practices, digital ones leave the pockets unscathed. While this benefit may not weigh heavy on conglomerates, for small businesses, it is saviour sent from heaven. For start-ups and local entrepreneurs moving to the green zone is a pipe dream and their resources are limited.

In such instances, using the internet to reach out to a massive potential customer base is can prove to be life-saving. The icing on the cake is that this increase in awareness doesn’t require a big budget. Furthermore, the digital marketing plan can be customised to employ only those paths that are firmly within the financial limit.

Greater Conversion

By the end of the article, it will be apparent that digital strategies have a cumulative effect because the company is not just saving money but also making it through other avenues. Case in point – digital media marketing has proven to have higher conversion rates.

When a firm utilises email marketing, SEO and other aspects of digital strategies, they communicate better with the customer and at a faster pace. Additionally, through digital paths, one can reach out, individually, to those patrons that need your service or product. All these factors result in a more significant conversion.

Business Growth

There was a time when small businesses had to pay through their teeth to reach out to the broader audience. As explained above, the era has now changed. SEM and SEO are cost-effective ways of targeting potentials. While this may save a small business precious financial resources, it also opens up a lot of opportunities. It gives the pathways of growth at a lesser expense.

A firm can even enter an already established sector through social media marketing and create brand awareness. It might not turn them into market leaders, but it will unmistakably reach an adequate base pool.

Better Support

An impeccable reputation management services is the golden rule of thumb if companies want to survive in the cut-throat competition of today’s industry. How does a firm work on establishing a spotless person? By making customer support a priority. Social media and websites are excellent techniques for generating personal rapport with patrons and offering better support. Through emails, social media platforms and even instant messaging apps, a company that resolves consumer grievances and queries is on the way to succeeding.

The support is not just one-sided, where the business solves problems faced by the customer. It can be vice versa too. Through live chats, the firm can ask the patron for suggestions and improvements on products which can lead to positive associations.

Building Confidence

When a customer can contact a business through a social media page and receive an answer almost instantly, it creates trust. The image that is built in the mind of the consumer is of confidence and reliability. Any potential patron who reads or views the exchange is more likely to convert.

Another method through which digital marketing builds assurance is customer reviews. Buyers can rate a service or product on numerous online platforms which can be read by others. This increases the presence of a brand and offers potentials the information they need to convert.

Mobile Connectivity

A rarely recognised advantage of digital policies is access to consumers that are on Smartphones. A study shows that websites that are mobile-friendly see an increase in customers because the patron of today wants to view products on their phone. Any business who fails to make a mobile-friendly application or site loses on a large pool of audience.

Humongous Rate Of Return On Investment

Small investment. Increased customer base. Extraordinary conversions. These are the three pillars that drive to a massive rate of return when it comes to digital marketing. Simple web analytics can prove to any entrepreneur that an optimised website is offering increased ROI. The result may not be directly through the website but via more email lead generation and sales calls.

A survey done in harmony with Google proves that digital marketing creates a revenue stream which almost three times more than conventional methods. Coupling all the factors verifies that entering the digital fray is equivalent to minting money from the very first step.

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Search Engine Optimization And It’s Importance For Your Website

As per definition, search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to get traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. SEO is the process which includes a range of activities to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining high-ranking placement in the search query on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is the tendency of the users to visit websites that are at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). SEO enables search engines to fetch the most relevant website in response to a search query.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Search Engines use bots or spiders that perform several activities like crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving to deliver results. These bots or spiders crawl the website to understand what a site is about. After crawling, indexing of the content takes place based on keywords, tags, and categories that best defined the website. The indexed pages are stored in the database to be retrieved later during the search query. Whenever the user enters a query, the indexed pages in the database are searched to deliver results based on the relevancy of each of the indexed pages.

The activities in SEO are categories as On-Page/ On-Site SEO & Off Page SEO. In the on-page, activities are performed at the website that includes the page title, meta description, content & image optimization, blogging, etc. In off-page, activities like content publishing on third-party sites, link building, etc are performed. Both on-page and off-page optimization are important in order to get on the top of search engine results.

Why SEO is important for your website?

It doesn’t matter how attractive or stunning your website is if you don’t get traffic your website is useless. A website is said to be contributing to your business only if it helps in fetching business online. This is possible only when ranked in the top of the searches with the relevant keywords. For this, SEO is essential. Furthermore, organic search is the most vital component of the buyer funnel and engagement. Most of the buyers use search engines like google, yahoo, etc to gather information before making a purchase. In such a scenario, if your website is not ranking then you will surely on a losing side.

In this competitive market, SEO is not about just bringing traffic to your website. It is also important for building trust and credibility of the brand in the digital eco-system. In a scenario where anyone from any geography can be your buyer, trust plays a crucial role in delivering engagements. A well-ranked website with content spread across different online platforms offers a better probability of engagements.

Search Engine Optimization is also important in the scenario when your competitors have already committed to it. If your competitors have obtained high placement in the search results, you also need to have an optimized website with relevant keywords.

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