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Comprehensive Philippines Social Media Marketing Services for Businesses:

From Facebook to LinkedIn, through Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest Pins, the benefits of social media for business are unavoidable these days. 

Open to all types of consumers, social networks, when used properly, are a useful and effective tool in gaining new leads and customers. 

Still, some companies are hesitant to invest in these platforms and the reason can only be one. No, it is not out of laziness. No, it is not because they lack technical knowledge and no, it is not because of a lack of funds. That's because - they are unaware of the countless advantages of social media for business!

Here we give you a briefing about widely used Social Media platforms for businesses to grow.

Facebook Promotion Philippines:
facebook promotion

Promotion or advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find your ideal prospect, capture their attention, and get immediate results.

Unfortunately, many companies do not believe that social networks are essential for their positioning in the virtual world. Yet they are.

Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Facebook was working hard to build a service for everyone that can be used anywhere, be it for a person, a company, a president, or an organization working for change.

Exactly, companies are no exception. Facebook is a social network with more users than the number of inhabitants currently in the country. What's more, if Facebook were a country, it would be second-most populous after China.

Facebook advertising is really effective for a business and as time goes by, more and more organizations balance their budget towards this innovative social network. And for obvious reasons, it is where the modern customer is.

According to the data provided by Facebook, more than 1.8 billion people are active on the social network and 1 in 5 minutes is used on the social network by people to perform different searches and obtain information.

Facebook ads are Facebook's advertising system, with which you can have the opportunity to promote your Facebook page, products, services, events, etc. and pay only for clicks received, for example.

Thus, allowing large, medium, and small companies the opportunity to grow in the long term.

If you have no idea how to promote your business on Facebook, do not worry! We create pictures, cover, profile, and post pics. We will take care of all the tasks to promote your business on Facebook.

Instagram Promotion Philippines:
facebook promotion

If you are an SME or a large company, having an Instagram account for companies opens the doors to the metrics of your audience. In any case, this is not the only benefit that this type of account will allow you to have. One of the best benefits to be able to project a reliable, business, and uniform image to increase the security of your followers.

For a few months, Instagram enabled a function called Instagram Shopping that encourages online shopping. With this tool, businesses can mark the products that appear in their photos to redirect their followers to their online store and generate sales.

It is said that Instagram will soon offer an application called IG Shopping, related to purchases. This app will be a kind of online catalog of all the stores followed by the user, allowing you to buy directly from there, without redirecting you to a link. 

IG Shopping will likely compete with other eCommerce websites like Amazon or AliExpress.

Goals on Instagram for your business:

All of your Instagram efforts should be based on strategic goals. Set goals that relate to the goals of departments or the company in general:

- Increase product sales.
- Generate traffic to your website.
- Increase brand recognition.
- Increase customer satisfaction.
- Attract the best talent.
- Identify and establish relationships with influencers.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, your Instagram goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Do not worry, if you are a novice at Instagram, we create pictures, covers, profile, and post pics on your behalf so that you can focus on your other tasks. Allow us to promote your business on Instagram.

Pinterest Promotion Philippines:
facebook promotion

In just 10 years, Pinterest has managed to gain a foothold in the social media market and has 700,000 registered profiles worldwide create and share pinterest pins Philippines. It is the network with the highest growth in recent years. A platform that brings together the news, infographics, videos, and images that a user has found interesting on the same page.

The best option is to use this application as a catalog of ideas. Its visual presentation is very attractive to Internet users, they can visit other accounts and organize their own with “pins”. 

This is what they call the albums that group the information collected by the network. Clicking on any of the windows redirects you to the original website to expand the query.

The image shared in a user's profile redirects to the original website. This makes Pinterest a perfect showcase where all businesses should aspire to be. The objective is to give the profile the maximum possible visual appeal, the photographs must be attractive and have good quality.

It is a good opportunity to show the public the products and services that the company offers. These contents must be generated taking into account the philosophy of Pinterest. 

As we can see, the use of Pinterest in a company is very beneficial. In addition, we have the advantage that it is very easy to use application. 

The contents are organized in a clear, visual, and simple way. They are shared in a very simple way and reach a large number of recipients. They are all the ingredients that a brand needs to be successful.

If you are interested to promote your business on Pinterest, we can also create pins for you at the best prices. Contact us for more info.

LinkedIn & Twitter Promotion:
facebook promotion

Very different from the previous social media platforms, LinkedIn is an eminently professional social network that allows many companies to generate synergies, collaborations, meetings, and business with other companies. For this, it is important to draw up an appropriate action strategy that directs us to the profile of the company or sector that really interests us.

facebook promotion

The use of Twitter by companies has, in general terms, a more institutional function, although there are many companies that interact with users through the social network. In addition to their own corporate profiles, professionals use Twitter with their personal accounts to working on their own image and that of their company through their tweets.

If you want to promote your products or services on these platforms, we offer a complete promotion service. We create pictures, cover, profile, and post. Our experienced and very-well trained staff will take care of everything to promote your business on these social media platforms.


These Social Media platforms represent a great opportunity to bring your products and services to that market of thousands of potential customers who, possibly, do not know that you can help them solve their needs and problems.

If you want to bring your business to the next level, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer a comprehensive Social Media marketing services. We are expert and experienced from picture creation to post sharing through profile creation. Contact us for more info.

facebook promotion

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This company is literally amazing! They do EXACTLY what they say they will do and I am contracting them for a year. I highly recommend them for SEO, even though some words take a little time they get the job done. VERY happy with them.
Kelly Martina
I decided to work with S4G2 team as they where the most responsive and enthusiastic. And indeed it was clear they like what they do. Every time I needed I got an immediate answer and every request was replied instantly.
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